ECI-SCORE is made up of experienced business owners and managers who volunteer their experience and knowledge to help small business owners and potential business owners achieve success through workshops and free confidential counseling.

Counseling Services
ECI-SCORE helps you learn what you need to know, when you need to know it. Counselors are experienced and have access to numerous resources from which to gather business information necessary to help you make good business decisions. Counseling is:

  • Confidential, Counselors abide by a code of ethics and honor confidentiality.
  • Fast, Ask questions 24/7; get answers in 48 hours.
  • Free, Offered free-of-charge, as a public service.
  • Convenient, Receive advice straight to your email or arrange meeting with a Counselor.
  • Essential to your success, SCORE success stories show how SCORE advice helps businesses succeed.
  • Available to all U.S. citizens & green card holders.


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New Workshops

These workshops are offered at various times during the year. Schedules and registration

are available at eci-score.org. Or call Lynette at 217-359-1791.




The Nonprofit Organization (NPO)

Workshop provides a comprehensive explanationof the business aspects of a nonprofit

entity. Differences and similarities between a for-profit and nonprofit are presented and

discussed. Entity selection, management, taxation and capital solicitation are examples

of unique areas that are reviewed.


The E-Commerce Workshop

Workshop addresses buying and selling of products and/or services

over the Internet. It also includes the  process of developing, marketing, selling,

delivering, servicing and paying for products and services. Marketing strategies and

tactics using social media are also discussed.